Gradus One: A Proud Sponsor of Young Investor Program

We are sharing a blog post written by our sponsor, Gradus One, regarding the 2016 Young Investor Program and the March 19th, Business Career Explorations Workshop. Thank you for your continued support and for hosting an informative panel for our delegates!

"Young Investor Program is an organization dedicated to the education of students in financial literary, enabling them to make sound financial decisions in the future. 100 high school students from various parts of the Lower Mainland come together for 8 consecutive Saturdays at UBC for day-long learning through workshops, keynotes and networking.

We were excited to be part of the Business Career Exploration workshop on March 19th. Co-founder, Sam Thiara and Program Director, Manisha Narula took part in a panel about career discovery followed by 15 minute roundtable discussions with smaller groups of students. GradusOne was honoured to be amongst a diverse group of panelists from companies, such as Sales Talent Agency, O2E Brands and Vision Critical."

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The Cavalier: Young Investor Program

The Young Investor Program was recently featured in the Cavalier, the UBC Sauder School of Business student newspaper.

The Young Investor Program was created to educate youths from grades 10 – 12 on a range of topics that encompass financial literacy by two entrepreneurial UBC Sauder accounting students – Akaash Bali and Rohit Bali. Interactive workshops and case competitions led by local business professionals are just some of the many methods to create an engaging environment for high school students to apply classroom knowledge.

The inaugural team of professionals and speakers came with a wealth of experience, ranging from public practice accounting, wealth management, and investment management. With exceptional support from G&F Financial, the program’s official sponsor, as well as philanthropic professionals, the executive team’s persistent efforts resulted in the nomination for the “2014 Nova Star Award” for carrying out its objectives with creativity, innovation and responding to the needs of the community.

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Nova Star Award: Young Investor Program

The Young Investor Program Canada is honoured to be the recipients of the Nova Star Award, given to organizations that have carried out their objectives with creativity and innovation, all while responding to the needs of the community. 

Ask any high school teacher and they will tell you how difficult it is to teach students about financial literacy. It isn’t exactly what gets people hopping out of bed every morning. As a result, many students lack financial skills upon graduation and this can have many negative, long-term implications.

By working closely with local teachers, this volunteer group created financial literacy workshops that are engaging, interactive, and fun. In the first year of their program, they received 90 applications to participate. In the following year, the team received over 135 applications, with most applications coming from word of mouth. This level of interest is testament to their success in creating a program that engages youth and inspires them to take an interest in learning about financial literacy.

After the first year of the program, the team received messages from the students saying how the workshops have positively impacted their lives and how they are now knowledgeable in make informed financial decisions. Many students expressed how financial problems at home resulted in stress and conflict, but that they now feel they will be able to make an impact on their family’s financial situation with the knowledge they have gained.

With soaring Canadian debt levels in our country, programs like this are what our communities need to effectively educate the next generation of young adults.

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