Serene is a second year Medical Sciences student at the University of Western Ontario, with an interest in science and entrepreneurship. The Young Investor Program was her first exposure to personal finance and she has since been actively involved in the program for two years, as a delegate and as an ambassador. This year, she is excited about the opportunity to give back as Co-Chair of the 2017 program and looks forward to building on the program’s previous successes with this team. Her goal is to create a program that will actively involve the participants and  inspire them to take control of their financial future. This past summer, Serene worked at Propel Solutions, a boutique management consulting firm in Vancouver and she hopes to pursue consulting post graduation. In her spare time, she likes to read, play basketball, spend too much time on YouTube, and daydream about all the dogs she'll adopt once she becomes financially independent. 


Jessica is in her second year of studies at Western University studying business, where she hopes to graduate with a dual degree in business and law. In Gr.11, Jessica was a participant of the Young Investor Program in its inception year in Vancouver. She not only gained more knowledge about different aspects of personal finance, but also an interest for a future career in finance after listening and talking to the workshop speakers and participating in the stock pitch competition. This year, she is the Co-Chair for the Toronto Chapter, and is dedicated to organizing a program that will leave a lasting impression on these participants. This summer, Jessica is interning at a wealth management firm where she will be analysing portfolios as well as conducting market research. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys developing her culinary skills, playing the GuZheng, and rewatching episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (because she is always caught up).


executive Team



Spencer is currently a student at the Ivey School of Business and upon graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in finance or management consulting. He loves meeting new people and developing lasting relationships. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, playing sports, watching television, and playing guitar. Spencer’s passion for financial literacy was inspired by his parents, who continually encouraged him to make smart decisions with his money from a young age. He is a strong advocate of youth empowerment and hopes to demonstrate the value of financial literacy to youth across Canada through the Young Investor Program. He is committed to providing the best possible experience for students in the YIP workshops by obtaining informative and engaging speakers and assisting with the development of educational activities. 



Frank is a second year student at Western University, working towards a degree in business. He is honoured to serve as the VP operations of YIP Toronto 2016. At a very young age, Frank took on the responsibility of budgeting and handling his family’s investments. As a result, he looked for ways to learn about money management and genuinely felt the impact of financial literacy. During the summer, Frank plans to intern at a wealth management firm, supporting individuals in building their investment portfolios. In this year’s program, Frank hopes to leverage his past planning experience to help high school students gain valuable networking and money management skills. On top of business-related activities, Frank enjoys playing tennis, watching TSN and learning about civil aviation. Frank looks forward to working with the 2016 team to put together a great program for the delegates and meeting some wonderful people. 



Kelly is in her second year of the Management and Organizational Studies program at the University of Western Ontario. Her interest in financial literacy was sparked by her high school Finance teacher, who was an inspiring figure in her life. Having previously tutored elementary students, Kelly is passionate about education and loves to see students’ look of curiosity and drive to succeed. She was motivated to join the Young Investor Program because she believes in the importance of providing youth with knowledge applicable outside the classroom. As the Director of Sponsorships, she is excited to connect business professionals with the Young Investor Program and hopes to contribute towards delivering the best possible experience for students. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Kelly enjoys reading food blogs and exploring new restaurants in her spare time. Her other hobbies include hiking remote trails, playing volleyball and catching up on the latest business news.



Anna is currently in her second year as a student at Western University studying business. She will be serving as the Young Investor Program’s Director of Events. During the year Anna has been very involved in the student life, taking part in many extra-curriculars such as USC’s Financial Review Committee, the Pre-Business Students Network as an Associate Consultant and part of the Executive Team for the Ivey ACE Conference held annually at the Ivey School of Business. Anna’s active engagement in her community stems from her love of working with people and thriving in team environments. Anna completed a 17-week internship at RBC’s Enterprise Costing Team as an Analyst in Downtown Toronto this past summer. In her spare time, Anna enjoys soccer, squash, volunteering, and keeping up to date with world events and financial markets.


 Parnika is a second year science student at Western University, who aspires to fuse her two passions of science and business. As Director of Marketing, she is involved with developing and implementing a creative and engaging marketing approach for YIP Toronto. Parnika has always recognized the importance of financial literacy and sees YIP as an empowering platform advocating for financial literacy among students. In her free time, Parnika enjoys reading, playing volleyball and being involved in a variety of science and business-based clubs and organizations. 


Shefali Sood is studying Honors Business Administration at the Ivey School of Business, after having spent her first two years at Western in the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies Program. She has experience working at Corus Entertainment as a Finance Intern and aspires to establish for herself a career in finance. She is excited to make the most out of her role as VP Finance by ensuring that the Young Investors Program has the adequate funds to provide students with the learning opportunities that it is intended to provide. She is passionate about financial literacy and truly believes that success in any field starts with understanding the bottom line. In her spare time, she likes to play the piano, cook, travel and volunteer with local community organizations.



Ioana Diaconescu is in her first year at the Ivey School of Business after finishing her first two years at Western, studying Management and Organizational Studies with an honours specialization in consumer behaviour and minor in psychology. She has work experience in the banking sector with business savings accounts and registered products, as well as with smaller scale retail and fashion stores. Currently, she is pursuing a career in marketing and finance and hopes to start her own jewelry business on the side. As VP Marketing, she is excited to bring to life an innovative and captivating marketing approach in order to promote the exposure and success of this rewarding program to more students. She is passionate about bringing people together and empowering them through financial literacy to live better financial lives. During her spare time, she loves to do rock climbing, cooking, and travelling, and has a strong appreciation for the beauty of grilled cheese sandwiches.



James Su is currently an actuarial science student attending the University of Western Ontario. Since childhood, math has been a growing fascination for him that has flourished into his aspiration for a career in personal finance. With ongoing experience as a finance associate with AIESEC Western and Director of Events for an interdisciplinary group within the university, James fully immerses himself in his passions with a heart for learning and creating genuine relationships with the people he works with. Because of its relevance to his career path and impact on the lives of high school students, James contributes to the Young Investors Program as Director of Sponsorship. He uses his eloquence and affability to create and maintain healthy relationships with external companies, using previous experience with interpersonal affairs to ensure the best experience for both the members of the Young Investors Program and its sponsors.



Veronica is an ambitious student in her second year in the Medical Sciences program at Western. She is passionate about interdisciplinary learning, and has always loved both business and science. Recognizing the importance of financial literacy in youth, she is beyond excited to serve as Director of Events for Young Investors Program and help take it to new heights. When she is not busy planning YIP events or doing school work, she can be found blogging about fashion or binge-watching 90210. She also has a borderline unhealthy obsession with all-you-can-eat sushi.